Wednesday, September 3, 2014

goals update

This year I resolved to:
  • drink less coffee
  • run a marathon
  • read 40 books
  • spend less money on crap I already have
  • wear my hair in a ponytail less
  • finally get rid of the Appletini mix that's been in my fridge since something like 2007
  • lose 15 more pounds (unfortunately, I think this one holds a permanent spot on my resolution list)
So let's see how I'm doing on each of these, m'kay?

Drink Less Coffee
I don't know that I have done this. I have taken the sugar out of my coffee though. That counts for something, right?

Run a Marathon
You've read about this ad'nauseum but the short version of the story is that I finished my first marathon in April. Since I was very disappointed in the result I signed up for another one that's in seventy three days (EEEKKK!).

Read 40 Books
I've currently read something like 30 books which gives me about 15.5 weeks to read ten more. Doable but going to be difficult. Anyone have recommendations for me? Also, I've got two book giveaways coming up soon so stay tuned if you like to read.

Spend Less on Things I Already Have
I *think* I've done this one. I've tried to remember that the best way to save money is to not spend it but I've been going at it with Julianna about her not wanting to wear clothes that I spent tons of good money on so perhaps I'll need to be a bit more intentional with this one and really buckle down on not buying items that we won't use or items that we already have something that could work for the same purpose.

Get Rid of the Appletini Mix
Sadly, this is the easiest one and I don't think I've done it yet. I'll try to remember tonight.

Wear My Hair in a Ponytail Less
I've definitely been hit or miss on this one. It's a work in progress. My recent hair cut helps but this week's upper ninety degree temperature don't.

Lose 15 More Pounds
I spent an hour earlier this week looking back at data on all of the weight loss sites and apps that I've used and looking through my blog archives to try to figure out what my lowest weight has been since having children. I discovered that I weighed 137 when I got pregnant with Julianna nine years ago and I weighed 147 when I got pregnant with Josh 5 years ago.  I've reached 147 a couple of times since then (most recently in October 2012 when we went to Mexico) but I've mostly stayed around 150. I've never made it back to 137, my pre-pregnancy weight. So I think that's going to be my goal.

I started a DietBet a couple of weeks ago and I now weigh 146. I'm not going to do another one when this one is over but I am going to try to maintain that 7 pound loss. Since I'm training for a marathon I know that's going to be tough. After the race is over though I intend to work toward that 137 number. Maybe I'll finally lose all of my baby weight by the time my oldest child turns 9. Maybe.

How are you doing on your goals? What are you working on? I'm constantly looking for ways to improve myself so please share your ideas in the comments.


RLR said...

We have the *same* problem with clothes purchases! I told my husband that he gets to shop with our daughter next time! (Wait - what size is J? Maybe I could just buy her things for M... Ha!)
I don't really have goals I'm working towards right now - I've actually taken a little hiatus with the changing of the "season" as we get back into the swing of school. But I'll get back to it soon - miss it like crazy! (I'm considering a half in the spring to celebrate my 40th birthday! Shh!)
I did set my goal weight at 165 (I think...) on Lose It!, and I'm about 2-3 pounds away from there. I have been loosey-goosey over the summer, but made slow progress. I was excited to realize that I haven't been this size since before I had kids - I'm nearly 10 pounds under pre-baby weight! What?!? SO when I get to my goal - what next? I guess I'll focus on running and eating right and less on the scale for a while.... Guess it's time to pick out some new shoes!

RLR said...

I meant to say I have taken hiatus from running... So that paragraph made little sense...

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