Thursday, June 4, 2015

ziplining in north carolina

One of the things Julianna wanted to do for her birthday was go ziplining or to a ropes course. It was still a little cold around her birthday at the end of March so over Memorial Day weekend we went ziplining.  We took both kids. We bought a Groupon for Beanstalk Journey in Morganton, NC. It was only $59 for two so about $120 for all four of us. We called and scheduled an appointment for a Sunday morning at 10 am. It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast.

We started on the simple ropes course. There was a hanging bridge (that Josh's feet couldn't even reach when he was tethered to the line so he went tandem with Jonathan to push him along from behind). There was a V-shaped net to climb and the guides issued challenges like try walking with your feet up high on the sides. It was a fun way to get acclimated to the height and harness.

Josh was hilarious. As we were sometimes waiting for the person on the other side of the line to disconnect, one of the tour guides would take Josh's harness and swing him out over the ground and off the platform we were standing on. Josh would just hang there with no expression with his arms drooped down like he had no care in the world. It was so funny to see his crazy amount of courage too. He would sit on the edge of the platforms without hesitation. Sometimes we were fifty or sixty feet in the air.

Julianna had a great time too but occasionally she would be a bit of a drama queen and say things like, "Oh no!" and "Here we go!" in total dramatic fashion. She was so brave though. One girl we were with was obviously frightened but did it all anyway. I think everyone enjoyed it and although I'm not sure that one little girl would go back, I know we would.  In fact, Josh has already asked when we can return and Jules keeps asking questions about how much it cost like she's interested in saving up to go again.

Here's one of my favorite pictures of Julianna with her arms spread wide. I didn't get any pictures of this but on one of the ziplines we were given beanbags to toss down at a cornhole board as we went zipping by. It was so much fun.

Love my family and loved sharing this experience with them. I'd highly recommend Beanstalk Journey!

Have you even been on a ropes course? Ziplining? Would you go?

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Unknown said...

So glad to see these kids enjoying an adventure!

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