Monday, April 24, 2006

life is good here at home

I added a bunch of pictures to the pictures page this weekend. It was a good weekend. Every weekend is good that I have help with the baby. Jonathan and I actually got a chance to go to the movies on Saturday - something we haven't done in a long, long time. It was really nice although we were in a hurry to get back to the little darling. We saw Lucky Number Slevin and it was pretty good. I would recommend it. I also had a chance to go to the mall with Mom and Whit Saturday morning which was a new adventure taking a baby along. But at least I got some clothes that I can fit into now. They are a size bigger than I normally wear but I still bought two cheap pair of capris so that I will have something to wear for the next couple of weeks. I really messed up on my diet this weekend, but I am getting back on track today. I still have 14 pounds to lose to get to pre-baby weight. I have about four weeks to do it in too. I hope I can. No more dessert this week!

Jules is asleep in her swing this morning and I am watching The Price Is Right. That swing is a life saver and although being out of work for two months isn't quite what I thought it would be, it does have some up sides. I haven't watched The Price Is Right in a gazillion years! :) As everyone always says when they have a baby, I just don't know where the day gets to. Anyway, we are going to take a trip to school tomorrow to drop some things off and Thursday we are going to have lunch with Jonathan again. I think we will make that a weekly thing. It will be nice to have some sort of routine. Friday is Jonathan's birthday and I'm not sure what we're doing then, but I know it won't be a lot. I think Jonathan is still a little worried about the hassle of taking Julianna out to a nice restaurant anyway. We did make it to church yesterday though. We didn't stay for the whole time because Julianna was starting to act like she was going to scream, but at least we went. We will get the hang of all this soon and maybe next week we will put her in the nursery since our church supposedly has great people working in there.

Well, I better go rescue the little girl before she spits up. Fun, fun! Hope you all have a great day (now that it's more than half over)!

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