Tuesday, September 25, 2007

eighteen months

Dear Jules,
Unlike most other months of your life (well, except for the first couple), this month has seemed to take FOREVER! You've started preschool, started talking a mile a minute, and become very attached to mommy. I can't even remember where we were or what we were doing a month ago because life has gotten so crazy!

It has been a good month though. This month you learned to jump. Where your feet actually leave the ground. You've learned to tip-toe. You've really learned to color. (On coloring books, the couch, coffee table, and Mama's sewing machine.) You've learned to run. You've learned to turn the stove on. (Ugh.) You've almost learned to drive your Barbie Jeep. You've learned to say words as you sign them. You've learned to give Eskimo kisses. You've learned how to ask to call Da or WaWa. You've learned to say "Stop!" or "Go!" at red lights and green lights although occasionally you get them confused. I am constantly wanting to exclaim, "You're so smart!" before I remember that I shouldn't tell you that. :)

The most heart-breaking thing I've ever had to deal with was taking you to preschool and hearing your desparate cries of "Mama?! Mama!" when I left each day for the first five days. When I would pick you up you'd have a splotchy red face and would make a beeline for me at the door. I felt so horrible, guilty, and depressed each day. Now that you're finally used to going to school I am sleeping better and worrying about you less. Plus I am getting a little work done. :) You walk on in your room each day after giving me a short kiss and go about your regular routine of playing in the little kitchen. When I pick you up I can tell that you haven't been crying and you smile at me and come over to be picked up. When I ask how you day was you tell me about dancing in music and swinging on the playground. I am so glad that you seem happy with school now.

I've been trying to keep a list of all of the words you know as you learn them. I started this when you were about fifteen months old and kept meaning to post it. As time has passed the list has grown exponentially and I can't even keep up with it anymore. Just yesterday you added "dollhouse", "school", and today you added "Jules" to your regular vocabulary. There's also no mistaking that by far your favorite word/phrase is getting to be a firm "No, no, no!"

Your potty training isn't going very far. You still poop and pee on the potty, but sometimes you resist it and you regularly wet your diapers. You still sleep very good even though we're lucky these days if your nap lasts even an hour and a half.

I have the most fun watching you play these days! It's amazing how much longer you can entertain yourself now. You've started some pretend play by feeding the babydoll a bottle or spooning some "food" into Elmo's mouth. You even lay down on the pillows on the couch and pretend to sleep making "shhhhh, sssssss, shhhhh" noises.

You go for your next check up next week and we'll find out what the doctor thinks of your development. I'm not anticipating anything out of the ordinary since I know you're already perfect.

Mama held a newborn baby the other day and remembered how tiny you once were. You've come a long way, Baby. I know that you'll only grow more, but you'll always be my little DoodleBug baby and I love you more every day.


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