Saturday, September 29, 2007

maybe she needed it more than i did


I took a little journey to Burger King one day this past week for lunch. I was so irritated at the lady at the first window. I heard the woman in front of me say something to her like, "I've already asked you two times!" but I didn't know what that was all about so I just pulled forward when it was my turn.

Anyway, my order was $3.20 so I gave the cashier a five and two dimes. She didn't say one word to me. Not surprising for a fast food chain these days. She gave me back a dollar and I said, "Thank you" and pulled on forward.


I was supposed to get $2 back.

Put it in reverse. Narrowly miss hitting the car behind me. Say politely to the lady, "Ma'am, I think I was supposed to get two dollars back" holding up my $1. She quickly reaches down in the cash register drawer and pulls out another one and shoves it in my direction without saying one thing. She had an awfully sour expression on her face as I stretched as far as I could to reach the bill (I couldn't back up too much because of the car behind me) and again I said, "Thank you."

Now there is no doubt in my mind that that lady was trying to pocket my dollar. I wonder how many people at that drive through she has taken advantage of. It was hard not to drive home without being very angry.

But at least I had some darn good fries to compensate for my negative emotions.

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