Friday, February 29, 2008

TGIF, right?

My mom is out of town this weekend. My dad plays in a monthly poker game and tonight was his night to host. Since he's been under the weather I offered to help him by going to buy a little food for his group. I waited until the last minute (because that's the way I roll - HA!) and I rushed Julianna out of the house without going to the bathroom first.

I went to Wa1-Mart at 5pm on a Friday and then went to Chick-Fi1-A after that. Naturally, I ran in to a hundred obstacles incuding cashiers without change, slow people IN MY WAY, employees being trained on a FRIDAY NIGHT, DURING DINNER RUSH HOUR. I was really pushing it to be back in time to get the food out.

Not surprisingly, I forgot to ask Julianna if she need to potty during this whole time we were out. We got back to the house and there was a truck blocking my way to the driveway. It was the man who had come to put a sealant on my parents' bottom step of the hardwood staircase that had been stained the day before. Sure enough, as I'm unloading the food and frantically putting it out before the poker guys arrive, Julianna wets her pants. I left the diaper bag in the car.

I'm sure you can see where this is going by now.

I go out to the car parked WAY down in the cul-de-sac to get the extra clothes and when I come back inside and rush to get her dressed before the old men see her naked-as-a-jay-bird-hiney I find her playing on the bottom step and tracking sticky footprints EVERYWHERE. Finally, I get her cleaned up and finish putting out the food and guys start arriving. She climbs up to the poker table and starts charming these men like you wouldn't believe.

I cannot convince her to go home. I cannot say anything that makes her want to leave. She arches her back, throws herself to the ground, kicks, and screams, "PLAY CARDS! PAP'S HOUSE! JULES PLAY CARDS!"

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Emily said...

I just wanted to say hi and see how you were feeling. I hope this illness is at least starting to clear up for you

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