Thursday, February 7, 2008

thank goodness he got to experience a little slice of life with a toddler too

This past weekend I went to the beach with a few friends. We had a blast being away from our kids and laughing and acting like a bunch of high school girls. Mom's Beach Trip

Jonathan stayed back to "hold down the fort" and he had the privilege of doing just that with an almost-two-year-old all weekend long. They stayed pretty busy for most of the weekend although they had a few moments. Here are two illustrations below. Enjoy.

tornado in the bedroom

the writing on the wall


Whitney said...

How could you possibly get upset at a face that cute?

I miss Jules!

Nanna said...

Nice artwork! It looks very similar to the artwork her mother drew at the same age.

Whitney said...

hahahaha Good one Nanna, it sure does! Wait, the drawings on the poker table or the ones on the walls?

sarahsouth said...

looks like your daughter had as much fun as the girls on their beach reunion!

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