Tuesday, February 26, 2008

twenty three months

Dear Julianna,

Oh Jules, you’ve really gotten us laughing this month. Like that time you walked over to my mom and handed her the Dr. Seuss classic “Green Eggs and Ham” and then demanded, “Read it, Nanna! Ham and Biscuits!” Or that time you and Pap went to Colby’s house to swing and you declared, “All done I SAID!!” And I know I still have to post that video of you preaching. But oh boy! Have you gotten us laughing!! You’re so much fun these days!

Sometimes in the car you’ll tell me that the sun is in your eyes and I’ll say, “We’re getting ready to turn and then it will go away baby.” And you’ll continue you protest until I say, “Is that better?” as we turn and you’ll reply, “Yes, ma’am.” The funniest thing was one night you looked up at the sky and told me, “Moon in my eyes, Mommy.”

Unfortunately, you’ve started some pretty nasty toddler habits such as refusing to eat a lot of the foods you used to gobble up and also saying that everything is “mines” but that’s OK. We’ll forgive you.

Fortunately, there have been some great things happen this month too. My favorite part by far has been hearing you finally say the words, “I love you too, Mommy.” It’s like music to my ears.

You’ve finally given up on seeing a manger and Santa Claus again anytime soon and instead you now babble on about being “two in March” and how you’ll get presents and wear a hat and eat a monkey cake and sing the happy song on Jules’ birthday.

Daddy measured you the other day and you’re about 35 inches tall. We think you’re still about 30-31 pounds though which means you’re growing up a lot but not out.

Every time I get on here to announce that you’re fully day-time potty-trained you decide to go and pee in your pants. It happens about once a week (strange that it’s almost always on Wednesdays) and this week as you’ve been cutting some of those 2 year molars, it has not been pleasant to clean out the dirty diarrhea big girl pants when that kind of accident happens, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because I don’t think you can help those. I’d say you’ve been potty-trained for a while now and I’m proud of how easy you learned.

Your health has [knock on wood] been so much better this month and thank the Lord too because I was getting so tired of having a sick and tired little girl. You’ll go for your next well visit the first week in April. Hopefully that will be the next time we visit the pediatrician’s office.

Julianna, I cannot believe that you’ll be two years old in just one short month. It seems like I was dying to have a baby just a few weeks ago (wait actually I was, but I mean dying to have a first baby). Anyway, my point is that the past 23 months have gone by in a flash! Hopefully it won’t continue this way or I’ll feel like I’ll blink my eyes and be watching you walk down the aisle at your wedding or drive your car back to college and I don’t want that. Yet.


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Beth_C said...

What a sweet letter! And I feel the same way...the years feel like they are flying by.

Someone left a comment on my blog that said, "the days go by so slow but the years go by so fast." So true!

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