Friday, February 1, 2008

link love

I'm excited!

I won! I won! Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I won!!!

Time to start attempting to make a quilt!


I'm famous!

A is for Beautiful was featured in an article in the Winston-Salem Journal today.

Thank you, Esbee and Kim Underwood!


Also, I'm shameless!

I just posted some new Valentine's up in my Etsy shop. Take a minute to stop by and check it out. Thanks!


Whitney said...

Wow, it must be your lucky day! Try searching on Blingo, you might win there too.

Nanna said...

Congratulations! I agree with Whit-try blingo!

Merritt said...

Cool! You are famous!

Michelle said...

You're famous! :) Actually, you've inspired me to think about starting my own blog so I can share it with my little one as well. Have a great weekend!

sarahsouth said...

superbowl sunday paled in comparison to feb. 1st!

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