Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother’s day!

I thought this was such a good ideas so I stole this from my friend Merritt.

Here's 30 reasons why my mom is great, one for each year she's been a mother.

1. She's creative.
2. She's loving.
3. She's fun!
4. She cares for other people.
5. She studies scripture and serves at church.
6. She's not afraid to learn new things.
7. She's not afraid to say how she really feels or what she really thinks.
8. She's brave.
9. She loves plants and gardening and is very knowledgable on the subjects.
10. She can cook, sew, and clean.
11. She's pretty artistic.
12. She adores her grandaughter.
13. She's giving.
14. She likes to play.
15. She's optimistic about most things.
16. She's got a good memory.
17. She's honest.
18. She's sentimental.
19. She speaks proper English and knows how to spell really well.
20. She's a hard worker.
21. She loves to laugh and be silly after an exhausting day shopping.
22. She's a wonderful teacher.
23. She has beautiful handwriting.
24. She puts up with more than she should ever have to.
25. She's more spontaneous than I am.
26. She likes action movies, horror movies, and chick flicks all the same.
27. She loves to bake.
28. She's never gotten a speeding ticket or had a cavity.
29. She's not afraid to scream, cry, or ask for help.
30. She loves me unconditionally.

I love you, Mom!


Nanna said...

I am speechless! Thank you!

Swistle said...

Hi! Sorry to contact you via comment, but I'm having trouble finding an email for you. I've got the information on the winner for the card from your Etsy shop. Could you email me (swistle at gmail dot com) and I'll get you guys in touch so you can work out the details. Then you can delete this irrelevant comment!

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