Monday, May 5, 2008


Chapter 1: Cat Got Her Nose

A couple of weekends ago, Julianna spent the night at Mamaw's house while we went to a wedding. Sometime durng the night she fell out of bed, suffered a minor injury on her nose and went right back to sleep after being consoled pretty easily. It really wasn't a big deal, but she did have a nasty scab on her top lip and a bloody nose for about a week afterwards. Of course it healed with time.

And of course, right about then she decides to start screwing with the cat. I left her sitting in the floor coloring while I stepped into the kitchen for a minute. I heard crying. I came running. She was wailing! I mean really wailing. When I heard her I knew that it was Simon that has caused the injury but that didn't prepare me for seeing blood on her face.

When I saw her she literally had blood dripping all down her face. Some was falling off her nose and some was dripping from her chin. Even more blood was pooling at the corner of her mouth and I couldn't imagine what all had happened to her. Upon first glance it looked awful. She was pretty hard to console, but we eventually got it all cleaned up and she's been fine.

She's been a little timid around the cat for a few days, but that' nothing compared to what the people at her preschool probably think we do to her here at home.

cat scratch on her nose

cat scratch on the rest of her face


Chapter 2: This Man's Pants, Mama?

We've been trying to take regular trips to the library to check out new children's books. It a great way to get out of the house and do something fun without spending money, obviously. Anyway, we got this one book about a week ago and it goes through the letters of the alphabet and has multiple words and illustrations on that page that start with that particular letter of the alphabet.

The "R" page has a picture of a fercious lion on it and he appars to have bitten the clothes off of a man running in front of him. At the top of the page are the words, "ROAR" and "RUN!" Julianna is obsessed with not only this book, but specifically this page.

When my mom was reading it to her the other day she wouldnt let her turn the page. She just kept asking over and over again about the man and the lion and the man's clothes and his bottom. Mom would try to turn the page and continue reading and Julianna would just turn it right back to the lion. One time she finally did let her finish the book, but the second she read the last word Jules insisted on going back to look at the lion page.

I've been forced to read this book many, many times over the last few days and each time we get to the lion page she says, "This man's pants, Mama?" She refuses to go any further until we talk about the man and the lion ad nauseum.

I guess she's just not used to seeing male butt cheeks running around. Either that or she's got a weird obsession with lions.

Here she is studying the picture with Nanna.
reading with Nanna

Here's another one of her looking at the same page a little while later.
reading the book again later with Nanna

Finally, below is a third picture of her with the same book on the same page on a different day. I'm telling you. This child really likes this picture.
reading the same book a different day


Chapter 3: Asleep on the Hay

Somehow we got the grocery cart back out again recently and Julianna has been so into pretend play lately that she practically "shops" all day. She'll push the cart to the door and announce, "Bye! I'm going shopping!" She also has started carrying Lucy around the house with her everywhere again.

Yesterday she put Lucy in the shopping cart and squatted down gently beside her and said, "Lucy, sleep in the manger."

Lucy in the toy shopping cart


*I don't have pictures for these next two, but they are so cute they need to be documented anyway.

Chapter 4: My Phone

Julianna's been all about pretending lately. She says, "I'm going to work" and "I talkin' on the phone" at least once a day. The other day in the car she told me, "My phone's ringing, Mama"

"Well, answer it!" I replied.

She simply said, "I can't. It's at home."


Chapter 5: Youngin'

Nanna was walking to Jules the other day trying to get her to put her shoes on or something like that. She said playfully, "Come over here Youngin'!"

Julianna replied, "I not a onion, Nanna! I a Julianna!"


Nanna said...

What can I say? She is wise beyond her years and so precious.

Miss Grace said...

That's such a sad picture of her nose scratches! But adorable none the less.

kelly beasley said...

omg!!! poor thing with that nose! that is what i am afraid of w/ sadie and sophie! it's a love/hate relationship!

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