Thursday, May 22, 2008

she’ll really KILL me for this when she’s 15

Julianna has found her private parts. So far she just calls the whole general area her "bottom" and we don't feel like she's been doing/saying anything that's not normal for her age, but she has been exploring quite a bit lately. She's recently started taking her clothes off each morning on her own while I'm showering or getting dressed. This morning as I stepped out of the shower I noticed her spread eagle on our bed playing with herself and watching TV. She was completely relaxed and did her usual questioning when she saw that I noticed her.

"This is? Mama, this is?"

"That's your bottom, Jules."

"I have a belly button on my bottom, Mama?"

"No, sweetie your belly button's on your belly."

"I have two belly buttons, Mama. One on my belly and one on my bottom!"

Uh. Yeah. Something like that, Jules.


Michelle M. said...

All that I can say is Laugh Out Loud!!! Yeah, never let her see this post when she's older. She'll never forgive you. :P Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

HILARIOUS! Belly Button, that's a new one. Good to know it's not just boys!

...and yeah, you'll have to block out this post in a couple years! :-)

Renee said...

that is toooo funny. now you know i felt a few months ago when collin discovered his 2nd "nose". :-)

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