Saturday, May 17, 2008

please let this be a sign

My boobs hurt.

I'm having strong random cravings for guacamole.

Either I'm pregnant or I walked a 5k today and sadly worked up an appetite and sore boobs.

Dear God, please let it be the first.


Amy said...

are you, are you? Are you pregnant? I will be praying that you are!!!

Emily said...

oooh, I'm praying for you

Michelle said...

My fingers are crossed that your sore boobies are a sign! LOL :)

kelly beasley said...

yipee! hope that it is the first one, too!!! and by the way, i guess jules is feeling better, pics are too cute!!! and jack has had a fever of 103+ this past week too! with NO SLEEP the past two nights. wth is wrong w/ them?

and you never said that you are LATE, so are you?

and another thing, we are "trying" so maybe, maybe they could be close.

Kelly said...

I have been praying for ya! I sure hope you are pregnant!

Kim said...

I will be praying for number one for you! Good Luck!

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