Sunday, April 18, 2010


For some unknown reason, I have had high anxiety lately.  I find myself biting my fingernails often these days and I have another nasty habit that I really want to get rid of.  I scratch at my face.  Whenever I am nervous or anxious about something my hand will find it's way to my chin or my nose or some other part of my face and I will begin picking at the tiniest of blemishes until they bleed or become red.  It's so gross.  It even disgusts me to type this.

I really want to stop.  It makes my face look like a 13 year old's and although my skin is really not that bad, you can certainly look at me and tell when I have been having high anxiety about something or other and I just plain look awful.  So what pointers can you give me for breaking a bad habit?

I used to pop my knuckles and my entire family hated it.  My husband finally made a deal with me that he'd paint my toenails anytime I wanted if I'd stop with the knuckle thing.  I did stop for years and I have enjoyed his manicure/pedicure services.  Hee.  I have started popping my wrists again though and I need to stop that too.  I don't want to forfeit my nail luxuries.

Make me feel better, please.  What bad habits do you have?  What bad habits have you broken?  What motivation and you give me to quit?


Rhonda said...

I'm a face picker too!! It's especially bad since I'm pregnant, I'll have clear(er) skin for weeks, then all of a sudden I find something not so smooth on my face in a moment of weakness, and I scratch, pick, scratch, pick... until it's a raging blemish. When I realize I've done it, I try to make myself sit on my hands so I can't subconsciously pick at my face... it works sometimes.

merritt said...

I'm a knuckle-popper. I can't stop. And I tend to pick at my cuticles. Grrr. I have to give myself the reward of a mani/pedi at a salon to make myself stop picking at my fingers. The knuckle thing I have never cured.

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