Friday, April 9, 2010

my daughter, the sponge

Julianna is at the point where she's practically begging for more "work" and she's soaking up information with such speed that I can hardly get her more worksheets before she's done and wanting more.  She can count to one hundred; she easily does basic addition and subtraction; she's spelling three letter words and sounding out almost everything she sees.  Yesterday she wrote "invitations" for Nanna's birthday party and she spelled almost everyone in our family's name with little help.  All she wants to do all the time is write.

Here is the latest stack of workbooks that I gave her last night.  She had finished the first one within ten minutes of work before bed and ten minutes of work first thing this morning.  This is all after she'd already completed a variety of the bigger workbooks all year long.  Sometimes I cannot believe how fast she is learning and how much she wants to learn.  Is every kid this way at some point?

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Kelly said...

We have the same issue with workbooks over here! I have some of my mom's teaching materials from grades K-3 and there is some stuff in there that you can make copies of for worksheets. Let me know if you want to come take a look at what I have. You are welcome to make copies of some of it or borrow whatever you need. Just let me know!

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