Thursday, April 22, 2010

six months

Dear Joshua,

Today you are six months old!

This has been the month of the babble. You shriek, you giggle, you say ga ga grrr daaa, and you just overall blabber, your tongue and mouth seem to never stop moving.

You’ve learned to like your baby food so much more than you did. It's so funny because you make it pretty difficult to feed you because you always grab the spoon ferociously and shove it in your mouth. Peas are still not your favorite, but most everything else you like. You haven't become a fan of the sippy cup or juice yet. We're still working on it.

You've finally rolled from your back to your belly but you’d only done it two or three times and you still didn’t roll the other way very often. Until today. Today you finally figured out that rolling could get you to where you wanted to go. You would roll across the floor in a flash and maneuver yourself around so that you could get a better view of the TV.

This was my most favorite age when Julianna was a baby because she had learned to sit by herself and would play with toys for an hour at a time but yet she wouldn’t crawl away and get into trouble yet. We finally reached that milestone with you this month too and I absolutely love it. You much prefer to sit as opposed to laying anywhere. The other night at Journey Group you sat and played with toys while the adults talked and you hardly fussed at all. You’re such a good boy.

So we had to cut your hair. Your bangs and the bottom back pieces were getting ridiculously long so I just snipped off a tiny bit. You look much more like a little boy now. I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but of course you are the second child.

Your favorite thing to do this month has been to enjoy your walker. You’d known how to go backwards but you finally got the hang of going forwards and you scoot around with delight. You're not efficient by any means and you don't go fast at all yet, but it won't be long. You definitely have the desire and where there's a will, there's a way.

Your bottom two teeth came in this month. The first one came in on April 2nd and the second one came in a week later. You were 5 months 11 days old when you got your first tooth and your sister was 5 months 13 days old. It amazes me to compare the two of you although I know I need to stop that. It looks like you'll get another bottom one in the next couple of weeks.

My goodness, child! It’s become increasingly important for me to go into a quiet room to nurse you now. You are so very distracted by the world around you that you can’t concentrate on eating. It is beyond frustrating, but I can understand it. I’m nosey too.

Only time will tell if you're finally over your second double ear infection.  You've now had two rounds of antibiotics for it and you've been off the meds for one week exactly now so you may be in the clear, but I hesitate to say that.  We'll go to the doctor for your check-up on Monday and they'll check your ears then.

Bud, in case I don't say it enough, I love you.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the past six months with you.  I can't believe how fast it's gone by, but I am excited about the next six.  Love you baby.


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StephLove said...

Six months is such a fun age. I loved it with both my kids. I'm fond of eighteen months, too, when they really start talking up a storm.

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