Friday, January 14, 2011

finally Friday

We've had the week off from school pretty much.  Well, we had Monday through Thursday off and today is delayed.  It's been *difficult* to say the least.  I think parents everywhere in the county are going crazy.  The funniest Facebook status I've seen to date was my friend Julie's.  She wrote, "Dear WSFCS: If there's no school on Friday, plan on sending DSS to my house. Just a head's up."  I think that sums it up nicely.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for being out of school. As a teacher I think I'm programmed to like snow days at least somewhat. And I'm definitely all for keeping our kids safe and taking every precaution possible to make sure our students aren't injured or even killed.  Quite honestly, I'm pretty sick of hearing and reading people's comments and complaints about how they can't believe we're out of school again and how pathetic we Southerners are for canceling school for one or two inches of snow.  I am thankful for those people who made positive remarks about the whole situation.

At any rate I'm still glad to be back in a semi-routine this morning.  I actually got up and ran today for the first time since Sunday.  Yay me!  There's just something about knowing that school is canceled that makes you want to sleep every minute as late as possible and made me stay in bed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I also spent last night with a child so stir-crazy that she's misbehaving like you wouldn't believe.  We spent a good 30-40 minutes sitting in the car in the driveway freezing our "knees" as she put it.  You see, we had to wait for her to pick a bunch of stickers off of the inside of our car window.  Somehow she got the wild idea to decorate the window with a handful of stickers and they were stuck pretty good.  I was so mad at her I could have screamed for days, but instead I just had her scrape them all off bit-by-little-stinking-bit with her fingernails.

So yeah.  That's how my week has gone. How was yours?


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merritt said...

I was glad our crazy storm last year that kept us at home for 10 days was when I had a newborn. It would be so much harder with an older kid.

And I love your consequence for J's behavior. Very good.

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