Friday, April 13, 2012

counting to six

Dear Julianna,
This letter is so very late.  I'm sorry.  Over the past year you've lost several more teeth, ridden your bike 5-8 miles at a time, and gotten brave enough to jump off the diving board... AGAIN.  Oh, and started kindergarten!

You've learned how to read proficiently and you've gotten your own public library card.  You rode the bus for the first time (both the school bus and the city bus with Nanna) and learned how to do a cart wheel.  You're taller than ever and your 6x pants look like high-waters.

You've created a dozen Pokemon databases, beaten PokePark Wii (moved on to the second one), and memorized countless facts about Pokemon.  You've ridden several more roller coasters (including the upside-down pirate ship at Carowinds) and caught several more fish.

You've mastered the eye roll and gotten a tweenager attitude, "Duh!"  You push your brother on the swing when I'm not looking and then when he becomes irritating you of course call him your little "bother."  You got a trophy at the Fun Run at school, had your artwork in an art show for the county, and won several Dixie Classic Fair ribbons.

Your appetite is almost too big for a kids meal these days and you have become quite the homebody begging to stay home whenever you're given a choice.  You like shirts with sparkles and just the other day you declared your six year old birthday party to be "the beat one ever because the other one's were just family."  I don't want to go into the details of this on the blog, but ask Aunt Whitney sometime about your last trip to Goodwill and she'll be sure to tell you the story.

You went ice skating for the first time this year and you've figured out how to climb to the third and fourth branch in Nanna's tree.  You've learned how to count money and love to shout the words to "Wholly Yours" by David Crowder Band.

Jules, you're a marvelous little girl whom I adore with my whole heart.  I want to pause life at six and yet I want to see what's next all at the same time.







Six years ago I took on the most challenging yet most rewarding job ever. I almost went crazy due to the life change that it brought me but I wouldn't have it any other way.
I have wept tears of joy, frustration, apprehension and pride during the last six years. Happy Birthday, Julianna! You keep us on our toes but you wouldn't be you any other way!

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Anonymous said...

pull down your cute little cotton knickers and show me your bald p---y I love very young girls showing me their little p---y's

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