Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Josh with hands thrown up in the air in the backseat of the car last week: "You're driving me crazy, Dad!"


"How about this to wear tomorrow, Julianna?"
"No, I want to wear something a little more fashionable.  Wait.  I really don't know what that means."


Josh was grocery shopping with me today while we were waiting for gymnastics to end so we could pick up Jules and he was generally being difficult.  He didn't want to ride in the front of the buggy; he didn't want to ride in the back of the buggy; he just wanted to walk.  After trying several methods of getting through the store and getting the variety of items on my list, I finally got frustrated enough to give up and sit the boy roughly in the child seat in the front of the grocery cart and strap him in.  He took the sweet potato in his hand and to show his dissatisfaction with being forced to be contained in a shopping cart, he gently tapped the sweet potato on the side of the cart.

I said, "Josh, please don't hit the potato on the buggy."

He said, "But Mom, it's just a little hammer!"


On the way to school this morning:
Josh:  Mom, I want a phone just like yours.  I want a phone that works.
Me:  Maybe you can ask for one for your birthday.
Josh:  ??

On the way home from school this afternoon:
Josh: Mom, I want a phone that works. A really real phone.  Can I have a phone like yours?
Me:  You'll have to talk to Pap.

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