Sunday, September 16, 2012

eighteen more?

I wrote this sometime last week.  It seems like ages ago now, but Jonathan was out of town all week for work and the craziness of life got in the way of me taking a current picture so I never posted it.

I ran 8 miles Saturday. Well, actually I ran 7.2 and then ran/walked until I reached 8.  The most I had done for a long run this month was 5.3 so I was proud of myself. But that's not what I really wanted to write about today.

When I was running I passed a friend I haven't seen in a while and she told me I looked great and it thrilled me so much that I can't even explain my happiness. It wasn't because of who said it. I mean, she's certainly great but it was more the fact that it was one of those kinds of compliments where someone who hasn't seen you in a while notices that you've lost weight and genuinely compliment you.  It makes you feel like they really mean it.

I've lost 21 pounds since school got out on June 11th and most people don't notice that I've lost weight at all.  I think it's mostly that I see the same people frequently and haven't run into anyone that hasn't been around me in a while, but it's still discouraging that my weight got high enough that twenty pounds wasn't noticeable.  I'm working on that.

I would like to lose 18 more pounds and I think I can do it. That puts me in a normal weight range for my height, a few pounds less than I was when I got pregnant with Jules.  I am currently at the weight I was when I got pregnant with Josh.

I'm not feeling the pressure to lose the weight quickly and I know that has helped.  That being said, it would be so nice to be below 150 by the time we go on our anniversary trip in a few weeks.  I'm pretty sure I can do that because I am close.

Here's a recent picture of me and below it, a Horrendous picture of me just before school got out. I wish I had taken better before pictures....

Better or worse? What do you think?
And more importantly, who's with me on losing the next 18 lbs?

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