Monday, September 3, 2012

things i love

thing 1: 

Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Special shampoo - This is the only shampoo that I've tried (and believe me, I've tried a lot) that will get rid of the scaly itch that's developed on the back of my head over the past few years.  I recently went a few months without it, tried several substitutions, and then the husband got so tired of me complaining and itching that he went on a wild goose chase to buy more of this. Good stuff.

thing 2: 

Google Play Music - Save your music in a cloud player like Google Play Music and listen to it anywhere.  I can play my own songs on my laptop, at work, and on my phone.  Love the anytime, anywhere aspect of Google's free services.

thing 3: 

Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars - We grabbed a couple of these before our camping trip this past weekend and one of them was Swoon Worthy.  I tried the Thin Mint and the Caramel & Coconut and while I'm a huge fan of both of those Girl Scout Cookies, the Caramel & Coconut was far better than the Thin Mint one.  Tasted just like a Samoa and comes in portion control sizes which I love.

thing 4: 

Pleated Wolfpack Skirt and Scarf - I saw this on Pinterest this week and I love it.  The link is to purchase the skirt, but I love the scarf too. How great would that look at a football game this fall?

thing 5:

This was another Pinterest find.  I challenged myself in August to go 3 weeks without wearing my hair in a ponytail (except for during runs) because it was so broken and nasty in a line across the back where I was always putting it up (like everyday this summer and I'm not exaggerating).  I figured if I couldn't wear it down for at least three weeks then I needed to get it cut.  I managed to do it and my hair seems much healthier now thank goodness.  Anyway, I found this tutorial for how to make no-crimp ponytail elastics and I'm going to try it out soon. [Translation: Like maybe in November when school slows down.]

thing 6:

For all the years I've been running I've finally given up on trying to run in shorts.  No matter how hot it got this summer, I still just couldn't be comfortable trying to running in shorts.  They're always creeping up my inner thighs and my big booty makes them ride up at the waist.  For long distance runs I'd get chaffed in the crotch.  I usually run in capri pants and these remain my favorite.  I have three pair and would rather do loads of laundry than wear any of the million other things I have to workout in.  I get them for pretty cheap at  Target and can't imagine ever switching to anything else.

Note: These are all products I simply love.  I was not compensated in any way to write about them. I just thought their wonderfulness should be shared.

What products have you been loving lately? Please share with me!

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