Thursday, September 6, 2012


One day recently Josh had me so confused in the car when he kept asking me what "that thing" is called.  "You know that thing, Mama? That flower thing? That tiger flower that you blow?"

Took me a while but it turns out he was talking about a dandelion.


In the Target toy section I hear, "Mom! Come over here! You have to see this!"  "OK, I'll be there in a second."  "No, come on now! This will solve all of our problems. We have to get this!"

I look and see nothing other than a Dip 'n' Dot ice cream maker.


Jonathan was out of town for work last week and I left Julianna downstairs while Josh and I went up for bath.  He asked for bubbles so I got him undressed and started running a bubble bath for him.  He got in the tub and I walked out into the hall to grab his pajamas and underwear and he started calling me back in.  I half paid attention to him until I heard him say, "MOM! There's a frog in my bath!"

Sure enough I look and there's a frog climbing up the wall of the bathtub, right out of the bubbles.  I hollered at Jules to bring my phone and grabbed a bucket to catch him with.  Within minutes the frog was caught and freed out the front door and I may never bathe the kids again.  [Kidding. Sort of.]

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