Monday, November 12, 2012

a Pinypon party + there's only 6 weeks 'til Christmas

We got these Pinypon dolls in the mail one afternoon and Julianna was so excited to get them open.  I'd never even heard of them but apparently she had.... so naturally I made her teach me how to pronounce it first. [It's like penny-pahn in case you were wondering about such things.]

Anyway, we gathered round some friends and cousins to play and they really enjoyed it.  We had kids ranging in age from 2 to 12 and you can tell they all had fun checking the goods out, especially the caravan.  It comes with a Pinypon doll itself and is basically like an RV that opens out with house inside.

Each doll has an accessory or two that goes with them like a purse or dress that you can change around.  They also have two faces so you can put their hair on backwards and they'll have a different facial expression.

We also received a Nenuco baby doll to play with and Julianna was amazed that it could drink and wet it's own diaper.

Even Josh liked the little Pinypon dolls and surfing them across the floor.

We had a great time trying out these new toys.  I was just asking the other day for gift ideas for younger children and I could totally see getting a few of these for our friends because they do encourage imaginative play and I think these would be pretty fun gifts.

Thanks, Pinypon and MommyParties for letting us host this fun little event!

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this blog post but I did receive several toys, coupons, and a couple of extra toys to give away at the party.  The opinions expressed above are as always, my own.

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