Saturday, November 17, 2012

happy Saturday

It has been the absolute best day.

It started with an awesome 13.5 mile run with my running group.  I missed them severely while in Mexico and was reminded this morning how much of a difference it makes to have a buddy to run with.

As we were getting ready to drop the kids off in childcare Julianna told me that running seems to be "working out well for you, Mom."  When I asked what she meant she said, "Well, I'm not trying to be mean, but you look much thinner."

Made. My. Day.

Then after a lazy afternoon we headed to the mall for some leisurely shopping where a kind man told me I resembled Jennifer Aniston.

After that we went to my most favorite Mexican restaurant for some delicious food (and to make up some of the thousand plus calories I earned this morning) [and yes, I am indeed the girl who can eat real Mexican food one week and American Mexican food the next and still call it delicious].

In the car on the way home just now Josh said, "Dad, how did I get in Courtney's belly when I was a baby?"  I got such a chuckle waiting for that highly anticipated answer.

Now we're having family movie night and life is just good.

I hope your weekend is just as splendid.

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