Monday, March 11, 2013

phones, elementary school art, and baby girls

Forgive me for the in-cohesiveness of this post.  My excuse is that my brain is lacking oxygen because Jonathan has been making me plank each weeknight and now I can't think about one topic for more than ten seconds.

So!  Look at this pop art my daughter did in art class at school.  I love it and just might frame it for her bedroom.  I just wish she hadn't folded it up.

I had one day without my phone.  Actually it was about 26 hours.  It totally killed me.

Fortunately Verizon is pretty awesome and they overnight-ed me a new one and fortunately my dad got me a Samsung Galaxy Note for the time being.  That was kinda fun!

Last week at Bingo With Mom at Julianna's school I snapped this pictures.  It's on the wall in the Elementary School Gym.  I love it.

And in a moment I'm not very proud of I yelled at my son the other night, "Stop sticking your things in every hole you see!"  He was jamming a little toy in the keyhole of our coffee table drawer.  If I hadn't been so mad it would have been funny.

You may not be able to see these two pictures very well, but they're little snippits I read in the latest issue of Runner's World that I loved.  There are some pretty amazing people in this world.

Last but not least, my sister announced that she's having a baby girl at her this past weekend and I am so excited!  Now I've got lots of shopping to do!

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