Friday, March 15, 2013

update on goals

Now that its mid-March, let's check and see how I'm doing on 2013 goals, shall we?

I pledged to:
  • read 40 books
  • get more involved at church
  • run at least one half marathon and complete at least one triathlon
  • take my kids to Disney World
  • (re)read New Testament gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  • spend more time taking care of my physical living space
  • sell a bunch of my crafting junk
  • lose 15 more pounds and maintain that loss as well as the thirty I've already lost
  • plan a couple of trips to states I've never visited (not necessarily go, but at least plan)

  • How it's going:
    • I've read 5 books (oops! better get crack-a-lackin on that one)
    • I'm no more involved at church than I was last year (although there's a small group starting in April that I might like to help lead)
    • I run my first half marathon this weekend
    • we haven't even begun to plan the Disney trip
    • I've read my way through Matthew already and I'm on chapter 5 of Mark
    • haven't made any changes in my living space and I have no idea where to start
    • haven't sold a single crafty thing
    • I've put on ten pounds since Thanksgiving and I'm hoping that after the weekend I can concentrate on this again without stressing over fueling a long run
    • planning trips... uh..... who has the time for this?

    Have you looked back on your yearly goals lately?  How are you doing?  Any tips on organizing a house top to bottom without feeling overwhelmed?

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