Tuesday, March 5, 2013

recipe for a perfect birthday

It turns out that I have the recipe for a perfect birthday.

First you take a normal morning except you add in two UNgrumpy children, a husband who cooked you magnificent eggs and fixed an extra cup of coffee. 

Here's Josh asking me "When you do your thumb like this does it go up or down?"  I guess I'm on my phone too much in the morning before school.

Then you add a decent day at work which included the juniors taking the ACT test which gave you an extra planning period and time to listen to more of your audio book.

Add in a quick craft with the kids.

Follow that by a nice 5.5 mile run with friends and then a free dinner from Jersey Mike's.  It helps to make you feel special if you have fifty runners sing "Happy Birthday" to you.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, y'all!  Thirty-four was pretty good to me and today was a pretty perfect birthday!

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