Monday, June 24, 2013

beach bags

Not sure why, but I've been looking at lots of cute beach bags lately.  I don't need one.  I actually have the one pictured below that my mom got several years ago and it was too big for her so she passed it to me.  It's wonderful!  It has the perfect amount of space for a family of four.

In mine right now I have four large beach towels, a swimsuit, goggles, several snacks, a pair of flip flops, two containers of sunscreen and a few other small items.  There's a key clip so you don't have to dig out your keys and it's all mesh and therefore easily washable.  It came from Saltwater Beach Company.

At any rate, I also love these other beach bags.  Isn't this flip flop one from Thirty One adorable?


This one is really cute, but I think it might be too small for most people.  I've seen it at Barnes and Noble many times and wanted to buy it.


Amazon has this fabulous whale bag for sale for $37 and there's a beach towel that matches.


Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for stripes.  This large boat bag from Buckhead Betties is so stinkin' cute AND it can be monogrammed.


Etsy has a gazillion bags and sometimes I can get lost on Etsy filling my cart and then emptying it again, but here's one of my favorites for a beach bag.


I like this one too, but it's most certainly out of my price range.

Now, let's go to the beach!

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RLR said...

Your beach bag looks great - I can't believe it holds that much stuff! And it looks like it's mesh so it doesn't collect sand - perfect.
If you like Buckhead Betties, check out a giveaway here:

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