Sunday, January 19, 2014


Spotting a homeless woman near the local K&W cafeteria on a very cold day recently, the kids and I had a short little conversation about what it means to be homeless and what living like that would be like. Julianna understood most of what we were talking about before we even said any of it, but Josh I realized hadn't thought much about homeless people.  It became especially evident when he asked, "But Mom! What happens if she wants to go to New York?!"


The other day Josh asked when we could go back to the ice cream place where you get your "ice cream in the little ketchup cups."  I know he was talking about the Froyo places but I kinda love how he referred to it.


Josh wants me to teach him how to "make his eyes go in a circle."  Really.  He wants me to teach him to roll his eyes.

Meanwhile Julianna is in the back seat teaching him that if he wants something he should say, "Quadruple pretty, please with a triple cherry on top" while batting his eyelashes.


A "commercial" came on the cartoon channel that was basically a little girl talking and telling about, well, something I can't remember but she mentioned that she lived somewhere in SC and Julianna said, "Mom, look! She lives in South Carolina!"

Then Josh asked, "Is she real?!"


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