Tuesday, January 14, 2014

things I love

I did not love this at first, but after several weeks of wearing it I am finding that it is delightful.  I got this inexpensive nail polish for Christmas in two different colors. Now it seems to only be available at Amazon.

I found this link to Winter Olympics posters. Very cool. I think my favorite is the 1968 one.

I got a very much needed new pillow a week or two ago and I am officially in love.  It had high reviews and it said it was especially for side sleepers and it is wonderful.

I like doodling on these pages. My kids aren't that interested, but I like to color them.

I'm loving this scented shower gel from Bath and Body Works. It's been a while since I've had new shower gel which is always fun. I am really liking the new caps on the bottles as well and the new scents.

What are some things you love? Get anything new for the holidays that you can recommend? Or have you just happened upon something nice lately that I should check out?

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