Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This kids were looking through a Where's Waldo book the other day in the car and from the backseat I heard, "Jules, that one looks like he's got to use the bathroom!"


Outside Josh was carrying around the mini basketball goal and trying to place it wherever he wanted it and Julianna sarcastically told him, "Wow, Josh! You're strong!" He answered, "Yeah and did you know I can carry two hippos?"


Going across the Gateway Y bridge Julianna said, "I sure would enjoy kayaking down the Salem River!"


"Jules, what is that?"
"It's lip gloss."
"What's that?"
"It makes your lips sparkly. I always carry it with me."
"So people don't think you're a boy?"


"Julianna, is there any way you can change what number it is right here on this clock?"
"Yeah, but that doesn't change the time. I mean it changes the clock but not the real time."
"Well, what button is it? I really need to know."

(We have a no TV until noon rule during the summer.)

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Beth Cotell said...

"So people don't think you're a boy."


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