Friday, January 23, 2015

by the numbers

January 2015 (so far) by the numbers

  • 71.3 miles run (7% of 2015 goal complete)
  • 1 race completed (no PR, but a nice 3 hours by myself)
  • 3 books read (Overrated, Landline, and Andrew's Brain... fabulous, pretty good, and just OK)
  • 89 days of school left (WAY too many)
  • 1 movie watched (American Sniper... loved it)
  • 1 third grade project completed (multiplication board game... why didn't you guys tell me that HAG projects were no joke?!)
  • 1 preschool spirit week completed (including homemade superhero and NC State costumes)
  • 12174892 consignment sale items to tag before tomorrow

What's a number that has meaning for you this month? What are you looking forward to and how many days until it gets here?

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