Wednesday, January 7, 2015

spa day!

One of Julianna's favorite Christmas gifts was this Spa Day kit. We were all sick over Christmas break but once Jules got to feeling better it was a great activity for us to do together that didn't require a ton of energy.

Most of the items we made required ingredients we already had around the house like flour, salt, food coloring, aloe vera, etc.

She had so much fun making lip gloss, glitter body shine, and bath bombs.

We could have gotten a bunch of recipes for these things off of Pinterest but it was nice to have the kit because it came with the little pots to put our finished products in.

A lovely gift for an even lovelier girl!

Don't forget to check out Monday's post if you missed it.

What's been a hit at your house since Christmas?


Marshall Copeland said...

Amazing! That DIY spa kit seems to be effective and convenient to use, especially since the ingredients can be found in our own kitchens. Pampering yourself will really help us wipe out all the stress that we are feeling, and what better way to do it than with your loved ones, right? I'm sure Julianna had a blast. Thanks for sharing that, Courtney! All the best to your family!

Marshall Copeland @ Baja Medi Spa

Unknown said...

It looks like Julianna enjoyed her Christmas gift! The DIY Spa Day Kit looks really simple and easy to prepare. It is also interesting to see that it could easily be made by using ingredients that could be commonly found in household, so not only does it looks fun to do, but it is also very convenient and hassle-free to make. Thanks for sharing the experience with the kit!

William Connors @ The Healing Station

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