Monday, February 9, 2015


Jonathan was telling the kids about the Superbowl last weekend because Josh asked what it was. Josh also asked who he wanted to win. So he explained that he would pull for the Seahawks for several reasons but mostly because of Russell Wilson being a former NC State player.  Josh didn't know who that was so Jonathan told him that he was a quarterback. Of course then Josh wanted to know what a quarterback was and before Jonathan could really answer, Julianna chimed in that a quarterback is the type of dog that Bella is.

Jonathan and I were flabbergasted for a minute. I suppose I have to connect the dots here. My sister's dog Bella is a Labrador Retriever which I think in Julianna's brain sounds like wide receiver, hence quarterback = black lab.


Another Superbowl related story:
We went to a restaurant where the television was showing a basketball game. Josh looked up and said, "Mom, I think that's the Seattle Seahawks on TV!"


Josh was telling Julianna a story. I don't remember what it was about. I only remember the bit about "those black and white TV shows... like from the eighties."



From the backseat of my car I heard, "Oh knuckle nuts!"


At the circus as intermission was beginning I stood up and told the kids, "Let's go find something to eat." Josh's reply was simply, "But are they going to pause the show?"


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Erin said...

Pause the show? Classic! Netflix has ruined their generation--no appreciation for commercials, credits, or pause and rewind!

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