Friday, February 6, 2015

up to

reading - 
I've just finished Siblings Without Rivalry which is a book about how to help your kids get along. I didn't realize (I guess ignorantly) how much influence I had over this as a parent.  I'm also getting ready to start Unbroken and will have a review up for that this weekend. Next on my list include a book by Jen Lancaster and The Unwanteds which I've heard is a good cross between The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Although we all know that no book can compete with those two, I'm willing to try to find one.

hosting - 
My #DisneySide party is coming up this weekend. I'll write up a complete post next week but I am so excited getting all of the preparations done this week. The anticipation of seeing everyone enjoying the party is killing me and we got these adorable Mickey Brownie Pops that we've been practicing. So much fun!!!

thinking - 
I wish I could do this again. It was so much fun when Jonathan and I went before but I just don't know when we'd find the time to do it over the next couple of months. Life is just so busy sometimes! It would really be fun to do with a group of girls too so maybe I'll plan for it sometime in advance and see if anyone wants to come.

wearing - 
My mom, sister, and husband all ganged up on me because they were tired of seeing me wear my LL Bean coat from Christmas 1994 and they bought me an early birthday gift... a new coat! It's so nice and fluffy and much more in style than my previous one.

celebrating - 
We've been celebrating a week or two of no 3rd grade projects plus super duper report cards at our house. We used to let Julianna pick a fun activity to do to celebrate her good grades but the past couple of times we've given her money for them. It's working pretty well, I think, and it gives her the opportunity to celebrate whichever way she wants.

considering - 
I keep thinking about running this 24 hour race in May. Some friends of ours have done it before and are recruiting a relay team to run for 24 hours. You camp in a field and run as many 5k loops with your team as you can in 24 hours. Sounds fun but I don't know if I can convince Jonathan and scrounge up the $100 registration fee.

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