Tuesday, April 21, 2015

by the numbers

  1. 38 days of school left
  2. 6 teacher work days left
  3. 55 days of summer vacation
  4. 42.3 miles run in April
  5. 312.2 miles run in 2015 (a bit behind schedule for 100/month)
  6. 6 days in a row without running last week
  7. 2 days until we get to hear Ben Folds
  8. 13 books read in 2015 (a bit behind schedule for 1/week)
  9. 2 weeks until my next race
  10. 9:54 am the time that my chicken salad sandwich was eaten from my lunchbox this morning
  11. 1 week until my next giveaway
  12. 25 minutes it took me to read JK Rowling's most recent book
  13. 25 pounds I'd like to lose (probably related to number 10)
  14. 7 episodes watched of Parenthood so far
  15. 2 movies we're going to see in the next week (one at RiverRun Film Festival and one pre-screening of War Room)
  16. 2:22:02 my best half marathon time which also happens to be Shalane Flanagan's best Boston Marathon time (HA!)
  17. $360 the amount of money it costs to register early for the Goofy Challenge at the Walt Disney World Marathon
  18. 38 gifts I've bought for my husband's 38th birthday
  19. 4 weekends available in our condo at the beach during the next month
  20. 1,210,033 people in Costco yesterday

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