Thursday, April 9, 2015

what I wore + a question I need help with

Here are a few of my outfits over the last couple of weeks. I go through spurts where I actually care what I wear and other times when I really don't give a flip. I'm inspired by all of the cute "What I Wore Wednesday" posts I see all over the internet and I decided to document sporadically what I've been wearing. It's actually been making me a little more intentional about choosing better outfits... but admittedly not much. :) And this post makes me pretty uncomfortable so if you leave a comment please be kind.

You can tell khaki pants are my standard go-to for work and I love the color blue. I'm going to work on wearing more dresses and skirts now that the weather is warming up.

Finally, here's what I'm wearing today. My question for you is, would you wear white pants before Memorial Day or is that even a thing anymore? Please help a girl out.


Erin said...

I love your red jeans looks! I think the first outfit would even look cute with some leopard flats! And I'm obsessed with your dress and booties look. White before Memorial Day? Absolutely! The only look I'm not really feeling is the blue cowl neck sweater, only because I just think cowl necks are usually for bigger girls.

I've been considering doing more outfit posts myself, so this What I Wore Wednesday is a neat idea! I may steal it! :)

merritt said...

I wore white pants on Easter. And my white jeans that used to fit pre-Everett would have been used throughout winter with something dark on top or while channeling the spring come March. :)

You look great! Love the red jeans.

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