Wednesday, May 13, 2015

what i love wednesday

The Mast General Store in Winston-Salem has officially opened.


I'm not really loving this but it seems really silly to NOT use it when they give you cash back on items you'd purchase anyway. So have you started using Ibotta yet? It's a lot like Cartwheel and I've already quickly made $5 back on purchases in the last week.


I read a tip somewhere that you could use hair conditioner to shave your legs and it's so simple and works so well. Try it!


Project Repat T-shirt Quilts

I'm really thinking about getting one of these made with all of my race shirts. I have entirely too many technical tees and this is a good way to make them useful and still keep them. Right now there's an excellent promo going on for May.


I won a copy of Christy Nockels new album from Jennifer at The Simple Pen and I am loving the upbeat "Freedom Song." It makes me very happy. Take a listen if you have the chance.

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