Sunday, January 13, 2008

i’ve been meaning to update you on this for a long time now

My dry erase board To Do List is working out pretty well. In case you were wondering.

I've made a few modifications.

There are only two columns now for things to do. A PRIORITY column and a SOMETIME column.

Right now those look like this:

PRIORITY: finish sewing crayon pouch, make fabric swatch ring, send Claire K birthday card, vacuum all floors, wrap K’s present, order shower cake, Craigslist postings, order frozen meal for J, call Vonage

SOMETIME: paint J's new room, take A's stuff back to her, clean out closet, sort through magazines, etc

It really helps me see that if one particular item from the PRIORITY column is still left to do at the end of the week then it probably wasn’t in the right list to begin with. I try to move that item over to the next column. It also helps me add things to one central list as I think of them (even craft projects, etc that aren’t high priority).

The system isn’t perfect, but I think it’s helped me get a little better organized and less stressed out over my five on-going lists.


Another thing I added to the board was a list of weekly household cleaning chores. It looks like this:

general pick up

clean out/wipe down fridge

plan meals


mop kitchen

change beds

What I've been trying to do with this list is complete the chore every day. It's hard getting going the first week, but once you've completed a week, the next is a lot easier. I try to do it early in the day, but I tell myself that if I don't complete the chore then I can't have an evening snack until it's done. That usually works.

1 comment:

Whitney said...

I'd still be happy to help paint Jules' room. Maybe if you don't go to the beach this weekend or on Monday or Tuesday we could do it or sometime soon!

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