Sunday, January 20, 2008

my new fun space

My Dad had a nice pool table that he gave to us when we moved into our house. Over Christmas we passed it on to my sister's house and created a craft room out of the now available space. Some people would say my husband is nuts for letting me get rid of a game room to make a crafty space, but I... well...*swoon*

New Craft Room

The hubs ordered some cabinets and a countertop from work to create this work area.
cabinets and countertop workspace

We've had the curtains for a while, but finally got them hung. My MIL gave me these work tables for Christmas.
lightweight work tables

I got these shelves on sale on Black Friday.
wall shelves

I decided to put Julianna's little desk in there so she could do her own "crafts" while I played.
small sitting area and Julianna's desk

Here's one more view of the new room.
Craft Room


Emily said...

Oh I am soooo jealous! I want a craft room! Great hubby you have for letting you have your own room.

Ivy said...

Your wall shelves are fab-u-lous! I love how you have everything stored, thank you so much for the inspiration!

Ruth said...

Do I see a cricut on the desk??? Are you having a blast with it? I love mine but haven't found the time to use it very much.

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