Friday, August 8, 2008

If only I were 40…. uh, kidding…

To the vast majority of you who voted in <a href="">yesterday's poll</a>, you were absolutely correct. I've seen <a href="">Batman</a>, <a href="">The Mummy</a>, and <a href="">Wall-E</a> all within the last month and in my opinion Wall-E was <strong>by far </strong>the best of the three.

The Mummy was absolutely terrible. Seriously, awful bad. Batman was so-so. Dark? Definitely. Action packed? For sure. Left open for the sequel? Of course. But in my opinion, Heath's excellent acting wasn't enough to keep me on the edge of my seat and make me ignore the roll-your-eyes ending.

Wall-E on the other hand, I was expecting very little out of. As <a href="">Sarahsouth </a>would say, it was <a href="">AB FAB</a>. It was predictable and cute, which normally would not make for a good movie in my mind. But the fact remains that Wall-E kept me pondering for days and that's my family's criteria for a good movie. We <em>still </em>walk around my house saying, "Waaaalllll-EEEEE" and "Eeeeee-vaaaa" in funny robot voices and we saw that movie a month ago. Plus, we got to take Julianna with us and that was fun.

Now that that's settled, let's talk about some other stuff.


Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and while I didn't see <em>my </em>OB I did see a brand-spankin' new doctor at that practice (as in Monday was his first day). It was my first check-up since the D&C and my first check-up at home. Everything checked out fine and the routine pregnancy test I took was negative so that was good. So what's the problem? The problem was that at first he told me that I would have to wait 6 months before trying for another baby.

When I heard six months my jaw probably hit the floor. I was expecting him to say something like 2 to 3 cycles since I have known MANY people that were able to start trying again after 2 or 3 cycles. He explained that if I were 40 then he would say go ahead and try after 3 months because of the affect of age on fertility, but since I'm only 30 years old the standard textbook directions say wait 6 months and that's what he advised.

Then! Then, he started talking to me about contraceptives and needing a prescription for the next six months and I was all, Whoa-slow-down-there-buddy-and-wait-just-a-minute. He said something about was this pregnancy planned...? So, yeah, after talking to him about this pregnancy and how long we tried and how regular my normal cycle is, etc he agreed that we could start "trying" again after three months. Phew!

He did say that if I were to get pregnant earlier than what was recommened then we would obviously just take it as it came, but that in order to lower the risk of having a miscarriage again he would still wait at least 3 months.

You all know I'm a little impatient, right? Can you imagine my family having to deal with me over the next six months if he had stuck with the textbook?!

Anyway, the bottom line is that it was a good visit. Everything is fine and we're going to start trying again in about 3 months. Yay!


Today, I have accomplished a ton. Well, I'm sure when I make the list it won't seem like it, but at least it feels like I did a lot.

<li>I finished unpacking.</li>

<li>I finished the laundry.</li>

<li>Loaded and unloaded the dishwaser and then loaded it again.</li>

<li>Hung up <em>all </em>of Julianna's clothes, including the ones that were just sitting in her closet before we left.</li>

<li>Wrapped a present.</li>

<li>Cleaned Julianna's bedroom.</li>

<li>Caught up on all of the message board posts from when I was gone and cleared out my google reader. (*Not important I know, but NOT an easy task.)</li>


Ugh! I've started a diet again. I figure if I have 3 months in which I <em>can't </em>get pregnant then I might as well lose all I can before then. I'm down four pounds since Monday. I still have about 30 to go. :( Wish me luck you guys!


Courtney said...

Wow, you've accomplished a lot! That's awesome that you're already down 4 pounds too! (without any pushing from wellness nazi- i'm impressed) So, when are we going to start running?

Courtney said...

PFFFFF to six months! That is pure suckage!

Courtney said...

I am surprised you didn't knock that doctor out! Screw the textbook, this is real life, buddy! Glad that your "sentence" is down to 3 months! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Oh, and I could totally relate to the Walll-eee and Eee-vaaa. We did the same in our was Kaitlyn's first movie in the theater.

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