Wednesday, August 6, 2008

there’s no place like home

Well, we made it home safely and it's so good to be here. As we were packing up the car to leave the beach Julianna threw a few little fits because she didn't want to go home. I didn't want to come home either, but back to reality has to come sometime, right? And she gave us plenty of entertainment on the way home, but more of that in a minute.

As you can imagine, I had a TON of stuff to get done quickly after being gone all month long. There were a few things that I should have taken care of before I left and I never got them done so I took yesterday and Monday to work on those things. Plus I had the usual grocery shopping and such. Now I'm starting on the laundry and trying to get things put away. I have a stack of bills to pay and no money to pay them with and I have been following up on my job leads which are going nowhere fast. Today I am going to work on filling out a substitute teacher application with the school system.

Fortunately, my sister took Julianna for one night since she had missed seeing her all month so Jonathan and I got to have a date night. (So nice! I slept until almost 9 am!!! Can you believe it?) We ate dinner at a very-overpriced restaurant that we had a gift certificate for and then used our movie certificates and went to see The Mummy, which was HORRIBLE. Seriously, it was one of the worst movies I have seen in a while. As the hubs said afterwards, "You've gotta see a bad one every now and then" so it's OK. It was nice to have the night to ourselves. It helped ease the stress of having a sudden overwhelming amount of things to do and made the transition from vacation a lot easier.

On the agenda for today:
<li>laundry and putting clothes away</li>

<li>working on a few blog designs for some people </li>

<li>find out which days of the week I enrolled my daughter in preschool this fall</li>

<li>write a few thank you notes</li>

<li>wrap a present</li>

<li>catch up on work emails and find more job opportunities</li>


<strong>What are you doing today?</strong>

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