Wednesday, August 6, 2008


<strong>Chapter 1:</strong>

My parents left the beach a week before we did and then eventually some of Jonathan's family came down. After spending the entire month with Julianna, Nanna and Pap were having a little granddaughter withdrawal as they were back home alone. We tried to talk to them on the phone at least every other day and one time Jules was having so much fun with whatever it was she was playing with that she didn't want to call either of them. So to encourage her a little I said, "Doodlebug, Pap's dying to talk to you. Let's call him, please." Then began my daughter's first lesson in idioms. She said, "Pap's dying?"

So that was interesting. Trying to explain to a 2 year old all the intricacies of the English language can get tough!

<strong>Chapter 2:</strong>

She's become quite the smart @$s. Jules has this book that came from the Chick-fil-a kids meals that she absolutely adores. It's called <em>The Cooking Book</em>. She also has <em>The Rainy Day Book </em>and <em>The Sunny Day Book </em>but she hasn't managed to collect all 4 books in the series and this fact disturbs her greatly.

She asked us on Sunday if she could go to Chick-fil-a to ask them for <em>The Party Book</em>. (Actually, she said, "I need to go to Chick-fil-a. I need to get <em>The Party Book</em>.") We tried to explain that CFA is closed on Sundays and she replied, "I need to open it!"

<strong>Chapter 3:</strong>

Every time lately that I say Julianna's name in conversation (but not talking directly to her) she says, "You talking about me, Mom?" Like I said, she's becoming a smart butt.

Anyway, when we were on the way home from the beach the other day she started asking for a snack just as soon as we got in the car. When I explained to her that we would be stopping shortly in Laurinburg to eat lunch she adamantly exclaimed, "I not want a LAURINBURGER! I want CHICKEN NUGGETS!" I thought it was so adorable that later at Wendy's I was telling everyone what she said and Julianna just looked up at me and said, "You talking about me again, Mama?"

I guess I should stop telling her stories in her presence and instead just put them on the blog, huh?

<strong>Chapter 4:</strong>

My sister kept Jules the other night and later that night I got this email from my sister:

<blockquote>Jules sat down at the computer last night and said "I'm going to send you an email mail, Whitty"

I know what family she comes from :)</blockquote>

<strong>Chapter 5:</strong>

We were reading <a href="">this book </a>the other night and Julianna kept asking me to say some of the more difficult animal names for her. Of course, I was more interested in the mom's group message boards and I was half-reading with her. Bad mommy, I know. Well, if we got to one that she couldn't really pmounce I would say, "Can you say kookaburra?" and wait for her to respond.

So after a while she got really irritated with the way I was "reading" with her. I am semi-paying attention when I hear her say, "Can you say owl, Mama?"

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Courtney said...

I've got two more...

Seth told Jules the other night that she was wearing a pretty dress (and you all know that males don't know the difference between dresses, skirts and shirts). Well, Jules turned to him and replied, "It's not a dress Seth, it's a shirt. You were wrong Seth, you were wrong!"

Then later when they were talking about the crab that Jules saw at the beach, Seth asked her if the crab pinched her. In a your an idiot tone of voice she kindly replied, "NO, it was a nice crab Seth!"

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