Saturday, July 18, 2009

the birthday boy and his cake

We were riding in the car and having a conversation about making Pap's birthday cake and Julianna was being insistent on making him a princess birthday cake.

Pap: But what if I don't want princesses on my cake?
Jules: Well, I want to choose.
Pap: But it's my birthday. I would like some choice in the matter.
Jules: OK you can have princesses and ice cream cones.
Nanna: Aunt Whitney thinks that since it's Pap's birthday we should put a tarheel on the cake.

Julianna thinks about it for a minute and then yells out, "But I want to choose and I want it to be princesses!"

So we think Pap just about has her convinced after he tells her all about how if we make a tarheel cake we can make the "tar" part chocolate.

Jules says, "Well, OK Pap. I guess I will not make you a tarheel cake. I will make you a Wolfpack one!"

Jonathan says, "That's my girl!"

Hope you had a great birthday, Mole!


Nanna said...

..and the TAR HEEL cake was yummy as well as beautiful! Thanks Jules and Mother.

Emily said...

Thats right!!!! Wolfpack cake tastes much better!

Whitney said...

I think Jonathan sabbotaged the Tar Heel cake on purpose and his daughter's brain along with it.

kelly b said...

GO PACK! and GO JULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

we're the red and white of state...

Anna Ruth said...

I can say she does take after her Daddy on that one. Tell her the princess could be on the side.

Jack Miller said...

It was nice to have some say in the matter. Thanks!

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