Tuesday, July 21, 2009

welcome third trimester

Last week I was pretty sure I started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. I never noticed these with Julianna so I was really unsure at first. It felt like my stomach was shaking all over from a muscle spasm and I told Jonathan to look at what the baby was doing. When I mentioned that it just felt like a really weird muscle spasm he jokingly commented that maybe it was a contraction. Once I read about it a little bit I realized that he was actually right.

I had a few on Sunday and then not again until Thursday night. Since then I've noticed them every once in a while and always irregularly. It's still kind of a cool pregnancy milestone and yet another thing that makes this pregnancy different than my first.

I am getting so excited about meeting our second (and last) little one. The fact that I am so much more miserable with this one than last time certainly helps too.

I made myself walk on the treadmill the other night. That's something I haven't done really at all throughout this entire pregnancy (exercise). Other than a few walks after dinner here and there I haven't done anything. And even though I'm not doing much walking on the treadmill at 3 miles per hour, I am hoping to slow my weight gain even a little bit.

When I had to take my wedding rings off the other night because my hands were so swollen I almost cried. I really didn't want to have to go without my wedding rings. Considering I had to soak my hands in icy water for fifteen minutes just to get them off, I think I did what I needed, but still... I miss my rings. Now I'm just a huge pregnant girl that looks single.

We haven't done a thing to change the nursery from when Julianna was a baby. It is still decorated in the same apple green color with barnyard bedding and it will stay that way until after Josh or Ellie grows out of it.

I have managed to begin sorting through baby clothes and getting ready to start washing the things that I know I will use again whether or not it is a boy or girl. I am also proud of myself because I have been slowly stocking up on diapers and wipes as I've seen them on sale for the last year or so. I know it sounds almost ridiculous but if you've had a baby that you used disposable diapers on recently then you know how unbelievably many of those things you go through and the money certainly does add up fast.

Hopefully, if I am more successful at breastfeeding (I only made it 3 months with Jules) and therefore avoid spending a fortune on formula, plus the diaper stock I have built up then this baby shouldn't be quite as expensive as Jules.

I have thirteen weeks to go until my due date. I get to take another peek at the baby in two weeks and then my appointments start every two weeks instead of every four. It's getting closer!


Jerri said...

gosh i kinda teared up some just thinking about the new lil one! i can't wait! i'm content right now about not being pregnant yet but when i read about you and how closer were gettting to meet he/she...makes me sad cause i want another one sooo bad! can't wait till next week. i want to feel the baby move!!!!!!!

Southern Savvy said...

wow - only 13 weeks?! I'm not on countdown yet. I still have a way to go! My next ultrasound is 8/14 and we'll find out the gender then. I'm excited about that. I haven't done ANY preparations yet. I guess I'm waiting to find out what we're having. Do you guys have a BJ's club nearby? We buy any baby stuff we can there. The diapers are cheaper anyway b/c they're in bulk. But, the good thing about BJ's is that they send out coupons every month so we get another $4-$7 off of a box of diapers every month and the wipes. I know that stuff gets expensive! Anyway, I'm glad things are going well for you!

Amy Ellen said...

For me, breastfeeding Hunter has been much easier than breastfeeding Addison was. I only breastfed Addison for 8 weeks. Hunter is almost 4 months old and I am still breastfeeding him. I think it is just easier the second time. Everything just seems to be easier with Hunter.
And yes, formula is outrageously expensive!

Anna Ruth said...

I can't wait to find out what baby Tucker is going to be. Once he or she is here all the pain will be washed away. Good luck on the next 13 weeks.

kelly b said...

1. i am jealous- stocking up...i don't even want to think about diapers for the babe. cuase i still have one in them, trying to get him out before this baby comes.

2. nursery is ready??????? i just painted. we haven't even ordered furniture yet. you're killing me.

3. clothes? um...mine are stick stuck under our bed and in our closet! guess i should be working on that one too!

Kelly said...

Hope you are feeling well Courtney! I stocked up on diapers during that huge Huggies Deal, I maybe spent $30 if that and still have 15 packs left - and Jillian is 2 1/2 months old! :-) I am going to be sad when I have to buy diapers again! I'm with you on the breastfeeding, I DO NOT want to have to pay for formula. The best thing for me has been having an awesome lactation consultant to help me through the rough patches.

Not much longer Courtney! I can't wait to see the new little one! :-)

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