Friday, July 10, 2009


This baby is so much stronger than I remember Jules being. Obviously, that was three years ago so my memory may be clouded, but I don't recall Julianna being so active and almost violent with her movements as this one is.

I had a check-up yesterday and the doctor said he wanted to do another sonogram next visit to get a more accurate measurement of the baby since it was measuring so big at yesterday's visit. He told me that it would more than likely be a very big baby.

My blood pressure was also high and he instructed me to monitor it at home. In addition, I've gained 23 pounds and was advised to only gain between 25 and 30 so I'm definitely going to miss that mark. Diet and exericse, diet and exercise....

...maybe I should stay out of the ice cream every night.


Julianna has been giving us a super-tough time lately. I don't know if it's a phase or just that she's three or what but she's been very mean. She disobeys quite often, deliberately doesn't listen or answer questions when we ask her. She has been using "bad words" like "idiot" that she's picked up from The Little Mermaid even after multiple conversations about what the word means, how it makes people feel, and about how we shouldn't use some words we hear people in movies use. It's beginning to really hit home the power of all of these Disney videos.

She tells people she doesn't like them. She picks on my mom in particular, but also tells me and a little girl in one of her classes, straight to our faces, "I don't like you!" and swats us away. She pretends to shoot things she doesn't care for like bees, the dog, and sometimes even people she's mad at.

The funniest (but not funny) part of it all is that she has learned that if she does something wrong while people are not looking, then she cannot get in trouble. She will tell me, "Mommy, don't look!" and then she will move a chair over to the TV to stand in it and turn off the television.


I have been spending the past couple of weeks mailing out more resumes and applying for more jobs. It is exhausting and you really don't realize how much time it takes to alter your resume and cover letter to fit various different positions until you actually have to do it. I'd say I've applied to over 50 jobs since May and so far nothing.

I am content with subbing again next school year if I need to, but of course it would be better to have a full-time teaching job.

But there are only so many computer teachers out there and only so many computer teachers leave the positions at their schools each year.

I am putting a lot of thought again into extending my teaching license and going to graduate school. I would appreciate your prayers on this matter. It's just so hard to know what is best to do. Ideally, I'd love to be able to do what I "signed up" to do when I got my teaching license which is to teach middle grades computer technology classes. Maybe God has a way to make that happen, but maybe I have another year or two of heading in a different direction instead.


I've been having so much trouble sleeping at night. The heartburn has begun. I had it with Julianna so I fully expected it this time too. I am a back sleeper and with Jules I was able to teach myself to sleep on my side. I am having a much more difficult time with that this go 'round and I'll find myself awake in the middle of the night on my back with no idea how I got there, and in excruciating pain. Tears run down my face when I try to roll to my side and I'll lie awake and wait until the baby moves again because the pulse in my head is slow and scary sounding. I get worried when I cannot feel the pulse in my stomach like I usually can when I lay down on my side.


We've seen several good movies lately. We went to see Up in the cheapo movie theater and we saw The Reader, He's Not That Into You, and Revolutionary Road from Netflix. The last two I wouldn't recommend as highly as the first two, but still worth seeing I guess. This week we have a babysitter and tickets to see Harry Potter. I could not be more excited.

I've also read some great books this summer. I finished My Sister's Keeper not long ago and now I'm working on The Time Traveler's Wife both of which are absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to see both of those at the movies later this year. Before that I read Wally Lamb's The Hour I First Believed which was a bit dissappointing after reading his other two long ago.

Julianna and I have been reading a chapter a day in The Frog Princess and she is eagerly waiting for the movie version to come out in December.

However, it's another Disney Princess movie so we might have to rethink that idea.


Still have prime weeks open at the beach. If no one rents them I guess I'll have to go back down there for a while again.

Silly girl. She had to come around and feel the coconuts after we took the picture.

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merritt said...

You've got a cute belly!

Good luck with the job search. I know how frustrating it is.

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