Wednesday, July 22, 2009

note to self

things to pack for the beach:

  • Pickles. Claussen dill sandwich slices. Lots of them.
  • Harry Potter books 6 and 7 (since the latest movie inspired me to re-read)
  • Plenty of hair twisties (because gosh if I'm going to be doing my hair while I'm on vacation in the summer heat)
  • Camera (for taking a very large amount of pictures of Jules for then and now comparisons)
  • Portable DVD player and princess movies (because I'm going to have to ride down with other family members and the last time we did that my daughter cried non-stop the entire way)
  • Easy-Up Canopy (because I do not want to haul beach umbrellas out to the beach every day by myself while being responsible for a 3 year old as well)
  • Water Balloons (because I keep telling everyone that my daughter is obsessed with them now but really it's just me)
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Bathing suit

1 comment:

Southern Savvy said...

What's an easy-up canopy? I hate hauling umbrellas! Have fun at the beach. I LURVVVE Clausse kosher dill pickles and no, it's not just a pregnancy thing. Guess what - little C loves them too. Everytime she sees me grab one to snack on, she stands in front of me with her mouth open because she wants to share. LOL

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