Saturday, July 11, 2009

old age

The other week when we were at the beach we rode down to where the Pavilion used to be after dinner one night. We passed a woman sitting out on her porch with five dogs at her feet. I pointed her out and Mom didn't see her so she asked if she was an old woman. When I replied, "She was about the same age you are," Jules echoed me. "She was about the same age as you, Nanna."

So then mom asks Julianna if she thought she was old.
"Do you think I'm old, Julianna?"
Julianna said in her deep Southern accent, "Yeah." [pronounced with two syllables]

Well, mom then asked, "Jules, is your Mama old?"
Julianna replied, "A little bit."

"Are you old, Julianna?"
"No. I'm just three." [holding up three fingers]

"And I don't have dots all over my face."

Fortunately, everyone laughed.

1 comment:

Anna Ruth said...

I love how kids say the sweetest things. She is very observent.

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