Sunday, September 26, 2010


We may be crazy, but we are considering paying $230 for a plane ticket just so that Jules can fly on an airplane with her Daddy.  She's been dying to fly for a while now and Jonathan has to go out of town for a day trip for work.  It is just to a trade show so it is something that she could tag along to if she wanted.  The only problem is that the tickets are $230.  Donations anyone?

I am also walking in the CROP Hunger walk in a couple of weeks and I'm raising money for that.  If you would like to help end hunger at home and around the world, I would appreciate your donation no matter how small.  Just click here to donate.  Thank you!

1 comment:

Anna Ruth said...

Bring her to FL. There is a new air plane that only cost $39 one way out of Greensboro.

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