Thursday, September 16, 2010


This week Jonathan has been in Chicago for work and I have had the kids by myself.  I do not stop until the kids are in bed at 9 pm and then I sit down to grade and do lesson plans.  Here's what we've been doing.

Monday Jules had her first gymnastics class.  She seemed to enjoy it.  Josh and I stayed the whole hour to watch but unfortunately they took the little kids all the way to the other side fo the gym so we really couldn't see much.  Josh really enjoyed watching all of the big kids flip around near up on the uneven bars and rings and Julianna was dissappointed when she found out that she didn't go back until next week.

Tuesday I had a staff meeting after school that seemed like it would never end.  It went on for hours and I found out the day before that I had won tickets to the championship Dash baseball game that night.  So after I picked up the kids we headed out to the ballpark after grabbing a quick drivethrough dinner.  We had a lot of fun watching the players and the entertainment between innings. 

Wednesday we made a quick Target run to get some Halloween candy for a project Jules and I have been working on.  I'll show you pictures later.  It's so cute.  After that we headed straight to the school stadium to watch part of our Middle School football game.  I don't know about you but we've had beautiful football weather.

Today I have an appointment to get a physical exam right after school.  We've never had a family doctor/general practicioner since we've been married and with Jonathan's new job and new insurance and all we figured it would be a good time to get one.  I have to have a TB test for school and I am pushing it to get the paperwork done on time.  Fortunately they were able to work me in this week.

Tonight I have to meet with some family for dinner to do some baby shower planning for this weekend.  I'll have to go straight after the doctor's office.  Luckily, Jonathan gets home sometime tonight.  I'm counting the hours.

What have you been up to?

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Nanna said...

and after all of that, you still handle motherhood with ease! I am so proud of you!

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